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Indonesia is one of the most active countries of South-East Asia with respect to sports skydiving. Of course, there are many jumpers mainly involved in the military aspects of the activity, but there is also a very active community of civilian skydivers willing to jump and to promote the sport. This country is regularly represented in international events, nowadays mainly through its RW4 team, and formerly with a more active participation in CRW and accuracy.

The Main activity is in Lido Lakes, and sometimes in Kalijati. In addition, each year there are special events organized around Jakarta. Last but not least, once in a while, a boogie is organized in Bali.

There is a proper skydiving federation, member of the FAI, delivering its own licences. However there is no necessity to be a member, any licence will be welcome.

People are friendly, beer is cheap, food is good, weird behaviors are usually accepted as long as the location is appropriate. All together the country is quite a good place to go skydiving.

Lido Lakes


Aircraft: C-185

Altitude: 9000 - 10000 feet

Training: AFF, Tandem, TAF

Activity: week-ends (call for confirmation)

Disciplines: RW (National RW4), Freefly

Accomodation: Lido Lakes Hotel

Jump ticket: Approx. US$20

Tandem jump: Approx. US$150-175

Sit flyer

A very convenient, relaxing and friendly drop zone, about one and a half hour from Jakarta international airport (can be much longer with traffic jams). This leisure area, developed a few years ago includes an airstrip with a flying club (mainly ultralights). The landscape is really beautiful, particularly with the two nearby volcanoes.

Due to its elevation of about 1500 feet, the temperature is cool there, and during the dry season (june to october) the weather is usually good enough to expect more than ten jumps over the week-end. During the rainy season (november to may) we usually don't see much of the volcanoes, as they are wrapped in a thick coat of clouds most of the time. However, in the morning and early in the afternoon it's usually good enough for jumping. When we are lucky it's even possible to jump again after the afternoon rain.

Lido Lakes

Before going there it's better to check the plans for the week-end. If there are no skydivers willing to jump, or if jumps are organized somewhere else, the drop zone might be closed. On the other hand, if there are many students, there will be very few slots left for fun jumpers. In any case, keeping Edy informed helps him to plan the activity to the best interest of all the skydivers.

This drop zone provides many opportunities for training, from students (several qualified and experienced jump masters and instructors for static line, AFF and tandem) to intermediate level. Unfortunately there is no more CRW, but coaching, with video, can be organized for elementary RW and freefly. This is probably the most freefly oriented drop zone in South-East Asia (doesn't mean much).


The facilities are convenient, with a TV set, your own music, a cool lounge (outdoor) and a restaurant. The building is just fifty meters away from the landing area. The packing area is large enough to accomodate a full load from the C-185. There is always one packer available, sometimes more, so even when we manage to get a second aircraft, nobody is fighting to get a slot on the packing mat.

Accomodation is quite good at the Lido Lakes Hotel, for a very reasonable price (about US$35). They will serve beer as long as you want and we usually get quite a good bargain from the happy hour. All you need to enjoy the evening by the swimming pool. Even though they serve good food, there are other excellent alternatives nearby, for instance the floating restaurants on the lake.

This is definitely the place where you can bring your non skydiver partner and friends. There are many things to do apart from enjoying the scenery and relax. There are a few nice walks, including canopy walks, and the surrounding areas are worth visiting. Else, there are quite a few activities in addition to skydiving and tandem jumps: paint ball, ATV, ultralights, rafting, horseback riding and of course golf.



Aircraft: Pilatus Porter

Altitude: 12500 feet

Training: AFF, Tandem, TAF

Activity: week-ends from September to March (call for confirmation)

Disciplines: RW (National RW4), Freefly

Accomodation: Hotel

Jump ticket: Approx. US$20

Tandem jump: Approx. US$150-175

A bit further from Jakarta international airport, this is not exactly a drop zone, but an air base with two Pilatus Porters. As it is an airbase, the infrastructure is not as good as in Lido. However, it is one of the very few places in South-East Asia where we can have so much altitude.

Pd Cabe


Aircraft: C-182, DC-3

Altitude: 10000 feet

Training: AFF, Tandem

Activity: week-ends (call for confirmation)

Disciplines: RW, Freefly

Accomodation: Hotel

Jump ticket: Approx. US$20

Tandem jump: Approx. US$150-175

Very close to Jakarta international airport. This is a old military airport with huge landing area and a long runway. You can spot some old aircrafts and the altitude above MSL allows to go up to 10k. On special dates you can jump the DC-3 and the CASA.

Special events


Aircraft: Hercules C-130, CN-235, Bell...

Altitude: varies

Training: usually none

Activity: varies

Disciplines: varies

Accomodation: hotel

Jump ticket: approx. US$20

Tandem jump: varies

Once in a while, special events are organized in Jakarta or very close to Jakarta. These events can be air festivals, Jamborees, demo jumps, record attemps, military training and demonstrations. These are usually very good opportunities to meet local skydivers, and also very good opportunities to jump from more unusual aircrafts, for instance a DC-3, Hercules C-130, CN-235 (an indonesian CASA), Bell helicopters...

Depending on the organizer and on the landing area, there might be some restrictions or requirements (mainly proven capacity to land safely). Even when there are no special requirements, it is strongly recommended to have good canopy control, to be able to fly in heavy traffic (other canopies) and to land in heavy traffic (on bad spots you really notice that the city is messy and busy).

Usually, these events are supported or even completely organized by governmental organizations (army, police, customs...). In many cases this doesn't imply any restrictions on your affiliation or nationality. Here, foreigner are really welcome to board a military aircraft just for the fun. In most countries, it is so unusual (whenever possible) that there are sometimes skydivers coming from as far as Europe, for these events (ok, a bit of exageration here, they don't come only for the jumps).

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